eGov November 2020: Governance in the COVID – 19 era

India Transforming to be ‘Aatmanirbhar’
Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan will strengthen MSMEs, Rural & Tribal sectors: Nitin Gadkari
GST Revoulutionizing Taxation System In India: Prakash Kumar
Going Digital is the Way Forward: Rajesh Aggarwal
India Upscaling IT & Tech to Strengthen Systems and Impact Lives: Abhishek Singh
India’s Power Sector Evolving with Technology: Ajitabh Sharma
India Aspires to be Software Product Industry by 2025: Dr Omkar Rai
SAP India Facilitating India’s Digital Growth: Krishnan Chatterjee
GeM posing a boon for MSMEs: Talleen Kumar
Innovations in India’s e-Governance Have Leapfrogged: Dr Neeta Verma
NITI Aayog Actively Working for Economic Recovery: Avinash Mishra
Mumbai Port Geared Up Tackle COVID Crisis: Sanjay Bhatia
Jharkhand Augments Food Supply Chains to Combat COVID Challenges: Arun K Singh
SAP Augmenting Authorities’ Response to Economic Recovery: Mukesh Kumar
Maharashtra at Forefront of India’s Transformation: SVR Srinivas
Need to Enhance Computing Capacity for Improving Digital Processing : MK Yadava
Need Advance Technology Solutions To Enhance Our Digital Infra: Prabhat Malik
IT Initiatives Transforming Governance in UP: Neha Prakash
Technology Driving India’s Transformation: Kumar Bachchan
India’s Transformation Significant in Past 6 Years: Durga Shanker Mishra
Smart Policing & Technology Improving Security
Liveability & Improving Social Fabric is Our Focus: Dr C Vanlalramsanga
Cities Evolving Resilience with Time: Dr Kajal
LEDification is First Step to Transformation: Shakti Leekha
PSUs are helping boost economy & make India self-reliant: Prashant Kumar Mittal
BECIL strengthening India’s media & broadcasting sector: George Kuruvilla
NRDC Backing India’s Growth with Apt Technologies: Arunabha Pradhan
PSUs Pose Boosters to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat: Surendra Kumar
Policy Changes Can Better Business Scenario in Bihar: RS Srivastava
RIICO Taking Effective Measure to Lure Investments post-COVID: Ashutosh Pednekar
Punjab Mandi Board Strengthening Agro Supply Chain: H Brar
Maharashtra Easing Industry Establishment Norms for More Investments: E Ravendiran
Effective Water Management Should be at Core of Urban Administration: KP Bakshi
Smart City Transforming Health & Education in Agra: Anand Menon
Need to Stand United Against All Single-Use Plastic: Dinesh Chandra
Smart City Initiatives Transforming India’s Urban Landscape: Raj Cherubal
Our Proactiveness led to Effective COVID Control: Rajan Satardekar
Private Participation, Citizen Engagement & Innovation in Finance is Needed for Municipalities: Sameer Unhale
Contactless Service Delivery System To Strengthen Governance: Explains GT Venkateshwar Rao
Need To Scale Up Knowledge & Expertise to Realise Governance 4.0: B Sundar
Governance 4.0: Adopting New Technologies & Policies Governing Them
Citizen Experience Data Pivotal for Governance 4.0: Rajeev Singh
Cybersecurity Is Utmost Important in Post-COVID Era: Bhavin Bhansali
‘Vocal for Local’ Can Lead a Major Economic Transformation for India: P Narahari
Strengthening Agriculture & Rural, Curbing Economic Crisis : Explains P S Pradyumna
DBT System Improving E-Governance in India: Arun Sharma
Digital Marketplace for Businesses, A Step Towards Self-Reliance: Shine P Sasidhar
COVID-19 Pandemic: A Lesson on Importance of Local Governments
Ahmedabad augmenting online services accessibility for people amid COVID crisis
Digitisation Augmenting Education & Health In Narmada: Jincy R Williams
“Digitisation Taking Centre Stage post-COVID” – Shivdular Singh Dhillon
Online Education Reshaping Learning: Anju Sharma
Upscale Digital Infra to Realise Effective Online Education: Shuchi Sharma
Need for Cost-Effective, Accessible for All Solutions to Augment Education Sector: KS Raj
Openness to newer tech can resolve education woes: Sachin Rana
Going Online is a necessity no more an option: Sarvesh Kaushal
Need Faster Ways to Absorb Innovation in Govt SOPs : Ranjan Dwivedi