Cybersecurity Is Utmost Important in Post-COVID Era: Bhavin Bhansali

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Bhavin B Bhansali

Elets Technimedia organised India Transformation Summit to highlight how India has witnessed a transformational growth in various government, non-government, business, infra and various other domains. Bhavin B Bhansali, Founder & CEO, ProgIST Solutions addressed one of the sessions on ‘Governance 4.0 for Transforming India’.

Mr Bhansali presented his perspective on how cyberattacks will impact trust and confidence. which are the two pillars of string governance, in terms of citizen interactions or intra-governmental interactions.

“We’ve been working with a large set of government, public and private organisations and our platform ProDMARC is developed to provide them with visibility of spoofing and phishing attacks which are going on with their domain impacting their affairs”, said Mr Bhansali.

Adding on he said, “When it comes to a cyber breach, 90 percent of all the attacks start with a simple email which is attached with some link or malware seeking permission from the recipient. So, when it goes out from a trusted source it becomes more impactful as the recipient trusts the name of the organisation and breaching on these terms becomes easier.” Gone are the days where the fraudsters, hackers send out emails from a different set of domains. What has been observed in the past few months that the hackers are sending emails in the name of trusted organisations and the email will look exactly the same, he added.

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Sharing a case study of ‘Lazarus’ – a hacker group from North Korea, Mr Bhansali explained, “It was notified that over two million email Ids of Indian citizens and businesses are with them and on the pretext of free COVID-19 testing they might send out an email which will be a ditto of emails from the government. Through this, information regarding bank details, personal information or other financial details can be stolen.”

Further, he said, “This is something we have been noticing that from the past few weeks, the World Health Organisation (WHO) which have an official domain –, the fraudsters have been using their domains to reach out to people asking donations on a certain bitcoin wallet. Hence, on such domains which are trusted, if used for cyberattacks, can have a strong impact on the recipients.”

Speaking on the changing trends in phishing attacks, Mr Bhansali pointed out that since the onset of COVID pandemic the phishing attacks with trusted brands have increased by 300 to 400 percent.

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Elaborating on what cyberattacks ProDMARC is witnessing, he said, “On ProDMARC, we’ve been witnessing a number of malicious emails targeting trusted brands in a country both from the public and the private sector. These emails are being spoofed with domain names of real organisations and they’ve been coming from countries across the globe.” In the last one month, ProIST Solutions have mitigated as many as 1.4 crore such emails impacting trusted organisations.

While closing his remarks and underlining the solutions provided by ProIST Solutions, Mr Bhansali said, “To prevent such attacks and help the firms, we are providing them with ProDMARC which allows the firms to see the ones who are misusing the brands and the platform also helps them to mitigate the attack.”

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