Drinking Water For All – Focus On SDG 6.1

Drinking Water For All
SDG 6.1—Drinking Water Supply
Drinking Water for All in India! It’s Work in Progress
Cover Story
Managing Safe Drinking Water for All
Making Ganga Nirmal & Aviral
Neutralising Inter – State River Disputes, Overcoming Water Crisis
India’s Water Conundrum
Taking Piped Water to Grassroots
Water for All Roadmap for Water Management & Conservation
India’s Water Security A Roadmap to Achieving SDG 6.1 & AMRUT 2.0
Pathways for Achieving Drinking Water Security in Urban India
Reimagining Water & Sanitation in Cities with NUDM Standards
Uttar Pradesh Moving Beyond Basics to Achieve SDG 6
UP Strides For Water Security For All
Odisha’s Puri Exemplifies Achivement of SDG 6.1