Making Public Spaces Inclusive, Safe & Accessible to All – eGov February 2022 Special Edition


SDG 11 & Indian Cities
SDG 11.7: Urban Green Spaces for Sustainable & Resilient Cities
Localising SDG 11 in India – Key Takeaways from SDG 11 Series & Way forward for Cities
Making ‘Cities for all’ Towards an Accessible, Safe & Inclusive Future
Regional Planning Beyond Contiguity
Towards Resilient Cities & City Regions – Leveraging Local Networks & Linkages
Tales of Cities: Urban Resilience for Climate Change
Using Urban Management to Increase Urban Green Cover – A case of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Strengthening National & Regional Development Planning in India – With Reference to SDG 11.A
Tech-Enabled Mobility Solutions Key to Sustainable & Inclusive Cities
Mainstreaming an Early Childhood Lens in Indian Cities
Universal Accessibility The Way Forward for Inclusive Indian Future
Understanding Sanitation Insecurity: Women Gendered Experiences in India
CSCAF in Monitoring Urban Green Spaces