Sustainable Urbanisation: A Journey Towards New Urban India – eGov July 2021 Issue

eGov July 2021 Issue

SDG 11.3: Significance of Participatory Governance in India
India’s Path towards Localising SDGs and Atmanirbhar India
Fostering Sustainability in India’s Urban Development
Achieving SDG 11.3 through Participatory Planning Initiatives
Rethinking Infrastructure in Urban Planning Framework
Community engagement a must for implementing & sustaining good urban practices
Judicious Management of Urban Rivers: A Vital Step Towards Sustainable Urbanisation
ClimateSmart Cities Assessment Framework Supporting Cities in Achieving SDG 11.3
Next-gen Urban Planning: Enabling Citizen Participation for Achieving SDG 11
Realising Participatory Governance & Planning in India
Performance of the Performance Grant System – Can Municipalities Afford this?
Is your neighbourhood working for young children and their caregivers?
Towards Inclusive & Sustainable Urbanisation
Sustainable Urban Planning: Delhi Master Plan 2041
Master Plan Delhi-2041 for a Sustainable Delhi