eGov April 2019: Reinventing Governance – Leadership Special

Leadership Special

The Leadership Special issue of the eGov magazine delves into the innovations deployed by the policy makers and industry leaders to create impact on the lives of the people at large. Read the articles and exclusive interviews to get insights on the initiatives taken by the leaders and future plans.

Ravi Ranjan – Need to Identify Opportunities Matching Aspirations of Youth
Teeka Ram Meena – Making Every Vote Count in Kerala
Heera Lal – Banda on Way to Create History in Lok Sabha Elections-2019
Ajoy Singh – Jharkhand making headway towards urban transformation
Selva Kumari J – Ensuring no voter is left behind
Hari Chandana Dasari – When passion meets the desire to impact lives
Rahul Goel – Canon to focus on increasing services in India horizontally and vertically
Abhishek Singh – The new avatar of Mastek is focused on providing services
Sanjay Motwani – Raritan – Integrating teams to create uniform brand value
Saurabh Saxena – India is undergoing a digital transformation in each industry sector
Sudhir Singh – We believe in bridging gap between demands and delivery
Pravir Krishna – Driving India’s Tribal Crafts on Global Stage
Saptarshi Nag – Safeguarding Quality of Life through Innovation
Revati Majumdar – Ensuring Faster, RELIABLE Public Service Delivery to Citizens
George Kuruvilla – Diversification | BECIL’s Expansion Mantra
S Suresh Kumar – Procurement Made Easy GeM a Game Changer
Satyajeet Rajan – Incredible India Leaps Forward | Tourism
C J Venugopal – E-Governance Initiatives Improved Efficiency and Productivity in the State Government
Sanjay Bhatia – Mumbai Port Trust | Opening New Avenues & Possibilities
Palka Sahni – Leveraging Technology, Empowering DISCOMs – The IPDS Story
Durga Shanker Mishra – New Urban Policy for New India
Akhilesh Mittal – RPSC Breaking New Ground in e-Governance
Dr Kalpana Gopalan – Karnataka Harnessing Youth Energy through Sports Governance