Asia-America Gateway: 2nd submarine cable for Bangladesh

This is a rare opportunity for Bangladesh to connect with the United States of America as seven leading Asean telecoms operators officially joined hands to deploy a transpacific undersea link to USA.


This multi-government submarine cable consortium will become an invaluable backup to the country's newly commissioned only submarine cable link, SEA-ME-WE4. If Bangladesh joins the newly formed consortium, the country's telecoms and ICT industries will enjoy seamless overseas connection even if one of the two cables gets accidentally snapped underneath the sea. The Telekom Malaysia (TM) led the official formation of an initial seven-country consortium to build the Asia-America Gateway (AAG), an international undersea cable system, linking Southeast Asia with the US. Responding to TM's invitation, key officials of AiTi (Brunei), CAT Telekom (Thailand), PLDT (Philippines), REACH (Hong Kong), StarHub (Singapore) and VNPT (Vietnam) gathered in Hong Kong and signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to jointly develop a 20,000 kilometres long AAG submarine cable system.