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Cyber security strategy launched in UK

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Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced United Kingdom's first cyber security strategy, which will include an Office of Cyber Security and an agency to coordinate the protection of critical IT.

Announcing the strategy, Brown said that work will include the development of a cyber industrial strategy, with opportunities for the UK's IT industry, making critical systems in the public and private sectors more resilient, and working with other countries to develop international law in these areas.

A dedicated Office of Cyber Security will develop a cross-government programme and a multi-agency Cyber Operations Centre, based at GCHQ in Cheltenham, will coordinate the protection of the UK's critical IT systems.

The aim is the better alignment of government efforts to combat cyber crime. These include the Metropolitan Police's e-crime unit, GCHQ's support for industry and public services in tackling organised fraud and malicious software, and the Security Service's IT security specialists.

The prime minister said that with modern life increasingly dependent on ICT – the UK spends more than

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