Mhara Gaon Jagmag Gaon

The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Haryana launched the ‘Mhara Gaon Jagmag Gaon’ (MGJG) Scheme on 1st July 2015 to provide an uninterrupted 24X7 power supply to all the rural households in the state. The scheme envisioned increasing the supply hours in a graded manner linked to the reduction in AT&C losses and recovery of past dues. Under the MGJG scheme, the complete power infrastructure of villages has been revamped to reduce losses and to ensure 24-hour supply. The Salient features of the Scheme are as follows:

  • Replacement of bare conductor with armored XLPE cable
  • Replacement of defective/ electromechanical meters (with downloadable Electronic meters)
  • Shifting of meters outside the premises on poles
  • Maintenance of DTs, Maintenance of LD system

Therefore, the scheme has met with tremendous success and changes and has significantly improved the ease of living standards of rural Haryana, wherein now, with the availability of 24-hour supply, there have been greater economic and business activities in villages.

On implementing the above measures and reducing losses, the supply hours are increased to 24 hours at par with urban areas of the state. Of 7256 villages in the state, 5805 villages (80%) have been brought on a 24-hour supply schedule. The year-wise progress is given as under:

31-Jan-16 105
31-Jan-17 405
31-Jan-18 1722
31-Jan-19 2707
31-Jan-20 4258
31-Jan-21 5223
31-Jan-22 5569
31-Jan-23 5694
31-Jan-24 5814
The utility-wise progress is given as under:
UHBVN 3590 3341
DHBVN 3666 2473
Total 7256 5814

In 10 districts of Panchkula, Ambala, Yamuna Nagar, Kurukshetra, Faridabad, Gurugram, Rewari, and Sirsa, all rural feeders are running on 24 hours.

As an impact of the scheme, there has been a substantial increase in hours of power supply in rural areas given as under:
UTILITY FY 16-17 FY 22-23
UHBVN 12 hours 40 minutes 21 hours 9 minutes
DHBVN 13 hours 3 minutes 20 hours 42 minutes

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