India’s Approach to SDG 11.2
Indian Cities and SDG 11.2
Actioning SDG 11.2
Achieving Sustainable Urban Transportation System for India
Bhopal Smart City Achieving SDG 11.2 amid COVID
Strategising Delhi’s Transition Towards Low Carbon Mobility
Accessibility to Public Transport for the Urban Poor
Rethinking public transport through the lens of universal accessibility
Young Citizens & The City: Cities from Children’s Perspective
Making Cities Safe for Women Through SDG 11.2
Massive Strides Towards Sustainability
Leveraging Mobile Applications to Audit Mobility Access for ITCs
Overcoming COVID-19 challenges in achieving SDG 11.2
Innovation as an Impetus to Achieve Increased Public Transport Ridership
Sustainable Urban Transportation: A Key Enabler for Achieving SDGs
Sustainable Transport for Better Tomorrow: isakhapatnam in Focus
IT Interventions Fueling Odisha’s Growth Engine
Urban Water, The Weakest Link In The Water-Food-Energy-Climate Nexus


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