Riverside launches citywide free wireless Internet access

Soon, citizens of Riverside will access free wireless Internet service across the city. Riverside has launched a free wireless Internet network to help residents of the city to become more Internet-savvy. The city government has launched the free wireless Internet service in collaboration with AT&T and municipal Internet network builder MetroFi. Now, the city has joined 300 cities across the nation, which are already providing citywide wireless network for residents and businesses.

Initially, the network will cover a 3-square-mile area, encompassing downtown Riverside, Hunter Technology Park and the Adams Auto Centre. In the next phase of the development, the network will cover the entire city, except for a few outlaying areas. The network will allow city workers to use their network for the remote operation of ball field lights as well as water pumps and valves, so that they can save staff time as well as electricity. The public safety spectrum would not be fully operational until the network is active throughout the city. As it goes live, police officers would be able to transmit real-time video feeds from their dashboard cameras to police headquarters, while dispatchers would be able to send video to patrol units.

There are other municipal applications, including streaming video from street cameras for traffic management, broadcasting radio signals to control baseball field lighting systems and monitoring surveillance cameras set up in locations where graffiti vandalism and illegal dumping are a problem.