IT Governance Forum at end of January

IT Governance practitioners are scheduled to get together to discuss topical issues at the IT Governance Forum to be held at the VW Conference Centre in Midrand on 28 and 29 January.
An important area of discussion at the forum will deal with our local legislation pertaining to information technology. There is a lot of misinformation going on around the requirements of legislation such as the ECT Act, says Peter Hill, the forum organiser. It would appear that some “e-business lawyers” and IT professionals do not understand the requirements of our legislation or choose to interpret the legislation in a manner that suits their own commercial agenda's. Articles in the press regularly and incorrectly reference non-existent regulatory requirements and penalties for non-compliance with legislation such as the ECT Act. The objective of this forum is to facilitate discussion on topics important to business today. Speakers include experts such as Lance Michalson, one of SA's most influential e-business lawyers. Michalson contributed significantly in the development of the ECT Act and related regulations, which together with his broad client base, enables him to provide both an objective and practical perspective. Michalson is also a director of the Forest Group, a recently launched information management consultancy, one of the few specialist service providers in this area. Record retention and data privacy concerns, whilst not entirely new, are receiving much attention within the legal fraternity. Michalson will discuss the current initiatives and some of the new legislation that can be expected in these areas soon. Brad Abbott will speak on the related topic of managing corporate information. This discussion is about dealing with the practical issues of organising and structuring information as well as the need for proper information classification, ownership and record retention that must be addressed in the management of corporate information. Abbott is one of the leading records management experts in Africa and is also a director of the Forest Group. He is also a member of the SA Bureau of Standards' Technical Committee which is currently adopting a new ISO standard around records management. The interest in IT Governance has grown significantly over the last few years. It has become one of the issues of highest priority to CIOs and IT management around the world and is strongly aligned with the greater interest we now have in corporate governance. The IT Governance Forum is a two day, two track event to be held at the VW Conference Centre in Midrand. The two tracks split the event in two focus areas, the first being IT governance and the second being the popular methodology for better IT governance – CobiT. It is scheduled for 28 and 29 January, starting at 8:30 am each day. Further details and the full agenda can be found at