e-Governance in Municipalities

To help in making the municipal administration more transparent, accountable and responsive a two day National Seminar on e-Governance in Municipalities began on 2nd in Delhi, India.
In his inaugural address Secretary for Urban Development, Shri Anil Baijal said that e-Governance must aim at creating a government structure that is transparent, accountable and more responsive to the needs of its citizens and numerous stakeholders. “The basic reason why such initiatives fail is not because of lack of ideas or technology, but because of poor planning and half-hearted approach in implementation” he added. Shri Anil Baijal called upon both bureaucrats and politicians to be committed to e-governance initiatives and to ensure that there is adequate funding for e-Governance in addition to setting up of effective inter-departmental coordination mechanism. He also urged the stakeholders to seize the unique opportunity available though e-Governance to bring about effective changes in urban development process. Shri Baijal emphasized the need to address 3 issues of concerns; capacity building; credibility; and credit worthiness. “Public sector has neither the finances nor the capacity to manage urban infrastructure provisioning and hence partnerships should be developed to supplement the capacities and funds required for infrastructure development”, he added. He described various initiatives taken by Ministry of Urban Development to empower Urban Local Bodies both functionally and financially by way of schemes like City Challenge Fund, URIF, Pooled Finance Development Scheme and Tax Free Municipal Bonds. This 2-day seminar is jointly organized by Department of Urban Development, Department of Information Technology, National Institute of Urban Affairs and Indo-US AID FIRE-D Project. http://pib.nic.in