We aim to energise lives: Subhash Kelkar, CEO, Ramlex Group

Subhash Kelkar, CEO, Ramlex Group

The transmission sectors basically consist of substation and the transmission lines, and particularly in the transmission, there are numerous substations, connectors and hardwares which are already under the stress of various load conditions and are facing environmental challenges. So, to address these, we have come up with effective solutions.

Previously, most of the sub stations would use volt-type conductors which was not that efficient as transmission losses continue to be mounting. Taking that into account, we started manufacturing compressed-type conductors and we noticed that when compressed type conductors were put into use, effective resistance was reduced which means reduction in transmission losses. Consequently, we have replaced most of the substations with compression-type conductors.

Given the fact that we can not extend the existing transmission lines due to various reasons like space constraint and others, we have started using STLS conductors to address the requirements of high loading capacity.

In 2015, when triple AC conductors were being used in the transmission line, we observed that there was a conductor snapping issue in the dead end and one could not imagine what kind of problems would have been created at areas like the river crossing ,railway crossing or highway crossing. So, with rigorous R&D, we developed a tool called Saviour Assembly Gadget employing which such issues can easily be solved. It addresses the snapping of conductors and protects it. It maintains the quality of supply, which is a big advantage.

We developed a single conductor and are currently developing twin conductors and supplying them to the utility.

Ramlex has been in association with the utility for more than 25 years. We have been featured in the Top 50 companies in CIA industrial Innovation award speaks about our excellence.

Apart from developing solutions for hardware, we also do the diagnosis Services like thermography, coronagraphy and even PID for utility. We also do silicon coating which increases the insulation level which lessen the risk of failure of the insulators in transmission.

With our continued endeavours, Ramalex group will continue transforming the utility sector and bring operational efficiency in the system.