“Citizen’s feedback improve governance”

Dr. Dileesh Sasi

Highlighting the role of citizen engagement in governance, Dr. Dileesh Sasi, Director, Electronic Delivery of Citizen Services (EDCS) Government of Karnataka said, “To make public services delivery more efficient, I feel one important thing is missing– citizen involvement. Citizen feedback is very minimal in governance. Their inputs become extremely important in shaping public service delivery.” He said that this is one area where his department wants to pitch in as EDCS interacts with people on a regular basis as its data centres are spread in the main city as well in the remotest part of Karnataka.

He said that whatever feedback they receive is shared with the concerned department. “We are working like a bridge between the citizens and the government. We help the departments to re-engineer their process. We are also collaborating with the private sector in this regard. We have recently started an auto renewal process where citizens do not need to start afresh to keep availing any services. This is the future of every department,” he concluded.

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