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Following the footsteps of Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat and Telangana, the Government of Rajasthan is all set to roll out its much-awaited Electric Vehicles (EV) Policy.

In a recent interaction with the news agency IANS, Transport Commissioner of Rajasthan Mahendra Soni, said, “The EV policy has been drafted and it w ill be sent to the finance department very soon for approval.”

In regard to the EV policy, the Rajasthan government has recently announced a few incentives. These include the subsidy of the upfront cost of electric vehicles for early adopters and also reimbursement of the state GST. However, the numbers will depend upon the battery capacity of the vehicle sold.

The government has rolled out these incentives to promote the adoption of EVs (two-wheelers and three-wheelers) in the state. Also, these incentives will be made a part of the policy. According to Soni, the incentives were announced during the Budget Session as a part of the Budget announcements made in the House. Earlier, the announcement of incentives was termed as EV Policy, but, the Transport Commissioner clarified to the agency that the EV Policy is yet to be announced.

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Considering the incentives announced by the state government, it announced to reimburse Rs 10,000 on a purchase of a three-wheeler (EV) with a battery capacity of 3 KWH, Rs 15,000 for 4 KWH and Rs 20,000 for 5 KWH. Similarly, for two-wheelers, the government has announced to reimburse Rs 10,000 for a battery capacity of more than 5 KWH, Rs 9000 for up to 5KWH, Rs 7000 for 4 KWH and Rs 5000 for 2 KWH. This grant amount shall be payable on all EVs two- and three-wheelers and is payable on vehicles purchased from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 and registered till March 2022.

(With inputs from IANS)


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