Saluting the innovations!

Nowadays, ICT has become all pervasive and easy accessible to everyone and almost everywhere. In the current scenario it is not relevant if one uses ICT, but rather how one uses it. Several projects which have been nominated in the eINDIA Awards 2009 have used the simple technologies, but what make them different from the others are their application because of which they have created beneficial impact for the citizens.

The  eINDIA Award programme is held annually alongside eINDIA conference proceedings. eINDIA Awards are open to  national and international government organisations, civil society organisations, bi-lateral, multi-lateral developmental organisations and enterprises which have transformed social development opportunities into a sustainable social enterprise through innovative use of ICT. In this issue of eGov, you will read about the projects which have been nominated for eIndia Awards 2009 in e-Agriculture, e-Governance, Municipal IT and Telecentre Tracks.

The purpose of starting eINDIA Awards 2009 was to encourage institutions and individuals to use and apply ICT tools in various developmental and sector-specific projects; to identify and popularise emerging innovative projects from different sectors of the development community, including the grass-roots organisations; to identify and felicitate  projects which exemplifies implementation and can be easily replicated and at the same time proves efficient and sustainable; to spread awareness about the role of ICT in addressing social concerns and to emphasise the instrumental effectiveness of ICT based applications.

We have treid to document in a succint way the various projects nominated at eINDIA Awards 2009. We hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoyed writing and learning from them.