Dr. Ravi Gupta

As the impacts of climate change become increasingly undeniable, the transition to renewable sources has become an urgent global priority. India has committed to achieving 175 GW of renewable capacity by 2022 as part of its climate action goals. States like Haryana play a vital role in making this vision a reality through ambitious clean energy policies and partnerships.

Haryana has been fervently advocating for renewable energy, particularly solar power, to fulfill its energy requirements and diminish its environmental impact. The state proudly hosts a combined installed and contracted capacity of around 14,026 MW, of which renewable sources account for approximately 2,157 MW, making up 15.4% of its energy portfolio. Remarkably, Haryana showcases one of India’s highest per capita energy consumption rates, reaching 2,167 units annually, underscoring its advanced developmental status.

To catalyze India’s energy transition, the 6th Elets National Energy Summit convenes key stakeholders dedicated to propelling the nation towards green and sustainable development. Organized by the Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency in partnership with Elets Technomedia, this summit outlines Haryana’s renewable energy trajectory for the upcoming decade. Topics such as solar rooftop programs, wind power development, energy efficiency mechanisms, and green financing models will be discussed extensively.

By providing a platform for dialogue between industry, government, researchers, and investors, the summit aims to revolutionize Haryana’s clean energy journey. New policy ideas and groundbreaking projects with the potential to transform the state’s energy landscape will be unveiled. Success stories from both national and international leaders will illuminate best practices.

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In this special issue of eGov magazine, we explore Haryana’s ambitious renewable targets and the innovative strategies being adopted to achieve them. We also examine India’s national progress in meeting its climate commitments. These discussions and insights empower all stakeholders to continue driving the low-carbon transition with disciplined policymaking and collaborative action. Together, we can pave the way towards a brighter, greener, more sustainable energy future.


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