Dr. Ravi Gupta

As eGov magazine embarks on its landmark 250th issue, it allows us to reflect on our inspiring journey over the past two decades and our role in India’s digital transformation journey.

When we launched eGov in 2005, the concept of e-governance was still developing, but we had a vision of how technology could empower citizens and fuel self-reliance. Through our coverage of initiatives across India and globally, we aimed to spark dialogue on leveraging IT to strengthen grassroots development as envisaged by the Atmanirbhar Bharat mission.

Over the years, eGov has witnessed the meteoric growth of India’s IT industry and the rising role of digital initiatives in enabling ease of living. We expanded our reach through conferences, training programs and online platforms to spread awareness of technology’s potential to transform lives. Our focus on diverse domains, from governance, health, education, CIO, and BFSI to smart cities, has provided invaluable insights to strengthen localised governance. Seeing our role in sparking nationwide discussions in more
than 30 verticals and empowering citizens has been deeply fulfilling. With over
1.5 million monthly online visitors, 4,00,000 social media followers, 80,000+ news & articles, 5300+ interviews, and more than 10,000 insightful videos with over 5.7 million video viewers, we at Elets are committed to continuing with our vision & mission to Igniting Minds & Impacting Lives.

A key highlight has been our 500+ collaborative conferences that brought together governments, businesses and citizens to forge synergies around nationwide issues. Fostering international exchanges through partnerships and seminars has also enriched India’s self-reliant journey & we are proud to have played a small yet integral role in it.

Today, as we proudly present this commemorative 250th issue at the 2nd Elets Atmanirbhar Bharat Summit, we remain committed to documenting best practices to empower local communities. None of this would have been possible without the support of our readers and stakeholders, who have energised us to march ahead continuously. I thank everyone who joined us in our mission to realise India’s destiny as a global leader
guided by the spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

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