BJP Envisages IT Revolution For India

IT Vision document of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) which it has released towards the upcoming elections indicate that India is soon to emerge as revolutionary power in the world. The detailed Vision Document is available here as well as

Some of the important points from it are: encouragement to Open source software; encouragement to hardware industry; bringing India on par with China in IT hardware; creating 20 IT related jobs in each pf 6 lakh villages in India; “Duty to Inform” to supplement RTI; increasing mobile penetration; unlimited VOIP telephony; unlimited broadband at around Rs 200 pm (current cost is around 1000+ pm); bringing in Digital Sovereignty through reduction in the strangulating effect of IPR on Internet usage; language compatibility for software in 22 languages; laptops at Rs 10000; e-Education, e-Justice, National ID card and several other e-Governance initiatives; and ensuring the adoption of “National Cyber Security plan” along with a center for Cyber Warfare, Cyber Counter-Terrorism etc.