e-Money Orders in India: Department of Posts

The Department of Posts, India has announced the introduction of electronic money transfer.

The Department plans to revamp the present money order service. The electronic mode of transfer would provide efficient and improved services to the customers at no extra cost.

The system would provide a centralised information system on the money order service.

This move is part of the government's current efforts to make a difference in the Post Office operations. This would enable the department to be a window to the world for the common man.

The booking facilities of electronic money order (eMO) will be made available at post offices where wide area connectivity or broadband connectivity is available. 

e-MOs will have similar tariff and limits of remittance as in the case of ordinary money order. The e-MOs can be paid at all offices including Branch Post Offices.

The ordinary domestic money order would also remain available in the post offices.