e-Learning Scheme Launched in Puducherry: BSNL

BSNL Puducherry announced e-Learning for the students of standards X and XI.

General Manager Mr Antony said that this initiative is the first-of- its-kind and was introduced for broadband customers.

The scheme was launched by BSNL along with Pondicherry Multi Purpose Social Service Society.

The facility is free-of-cost and download charges will be according to the plan.

BSNL Puducherry has signed an agreement with the Pondicherry University for establishing and integrating telecom sloution in the university campus.

The project will cost about INR two crore. Pondicherry University will be the first to have all infrastrucutre for commuication via optic fibre connectivity to all buildings.

A Main Switchover Centre (MSE) for cellphones will be set up in Puducherry to be used in the place of the present one at Vellore.