India: All Gujarat Villages now Connected to the Net by Broadband

The Gujarat (India) Government is bringing broadband connectivity to all villages of the state, so that every household can avail the advantages of information technology.

The state government is developing a 'e-gram-vishwa-gram society' (e-Village, global village) – a special purpose vehicle. Now each of the 13,693 village panchayats in the state is connected to the worldwide web at a speed of 256 kilobytes per second. The feat, 'e-gram-vishwa-gram society' will come about in two years at an expenditure of INR 1.50 billion for installing computers, tying up with Internet service providers and training villagers, particularly local body officials. After successfully providing electricity to villages under the Jyotigram scheme, the government had planned for the first time in the country to connect the villages through the broadband network so that 'every household can avail the advantages of modern science and information technology'. The connectivity will provide education, telemedicine veterinary services and market linkage in agriculture to the masses. With the help of e-Connectivity, village councils would be provided with facilities of Internet, video conferencing and multi-casting. All village bodies will be able to communicate with one another with the help of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).