TERI sets up Solar Powered IT Knowledge Center in India

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) set up its first ever Solar Powered IT Knowledge Center in rural Gurgaon, India. The initiative is towards nurturing and building capacities amongst village communities.

This village youth driven initiative is one of its kind and the Deputy Commissioner of Gurgaon, Rakesh Gupta promised support for 50 such initiatives in the district. He appreciated TERIs efforts in designing an environmentally sound model, which uses solar power solution to run the center. Mr. Gupta emphasized that this knowledge center will be a boon for children education, nurturing their levels of understanding in the fast moving world. The highlight of the IT Knowledge Centre is its capacity of providing clean and reliable power solutions to a variety of rural applications, through a Hybrid Universal Solar Power Pack developed by the TERI that uses solar energy to charge batteries and provide reliable power for appliances like computers. Run by a local entrepreneur, this knowledge center will provide various fee and non-fee based services to the local rural population. The IT Knowledge center will provide services like computer education, Internet services, desktop publishing, library, spoken English and agricultural information to the local rural population.