ICT in Bangladesh

Viewing the extended potential of e-Governance, Bangladesh very recently the Ministry of Science, Information and Communication Technology has developed an information technology (IT) policy for Bangladesh, which would help furthering ICT developments in the country.

Bangladesh is now at an early stage of Information Technology (IT). In respect of IT development, public sectors are still in a very poor situation in Bangladesh. There was a remarkable change in preparing government accounts and budget with the introduction of IT based new classification system in 1998. In Bangladesh, computers were first introduced in the Atomic Energy Commission in 1964 and were mainly for research and data processing. Personal computers gained popularity in the early 1990s when they became more user-friendly and affordable but the real boost came in 1998 with the introduction of Internet in 1996. More than 100 Internet Service Providers are now offering dial-up and broadband Internet services. Private sector has significantly developed in IT sector while public sector is still lagging far behind. Besides the IT policy, the government has also framed e-Governance policy.