Elets National EV Summit & Awards

Electric vehicles (EVs) have become a prominent topic in India and globally. There is significant focus and activity around the green economy, with the world looking towards green mobility, energy efficiency, and the broader goals of a carbon-neutral economy. Elets Technomedia, India’s premiere technology-focused organization, recognized the need to bring about advancements under the electric mobility dialogue to establish a robust EV technology ecosystem in India.

The Elets National EV Summit & Awards, held on 3rd July 2024 at The Lalit, New Delhi, marked a significant milestone in India’s electric mobility journey. The event brought together policymakers, industry leaders, suppliers, and technology providers on a common platform to foster transformative dialogue to accelerate EV adoption and support the Global EV30@30 campaign.

The summit witnessed thought-provoking keynote addresses from prominent figures in India’s electric mobility sector, emphasizing the nation’s commitment to an electric future.

Sudhendu J Sinha, Adviser (Infra, Connectivity & Electric Mobility), NITI Aayog, Government of India, highlighted the rapid growth in the electric two-wheeler segment, stating, “In the scooter segment, the adoption rate has already reached 30%, with two-thirds of newly manufactured scooters being electric. Our e-mobility journey began in earnest with the establishment of the national mission in 2019.”

Saurabh Dalela, Director, International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT), Government of India, discussed the importance of manufacturing EVs locally, saying, “It is important to manufacture such machines in our country to make India the global hub of producing such machines. Numerous battery technologies and innovations are emerging, making it crucial to remain adaptable.”

Arun Mahesh Babu MS, Managing Director, Gujarat Power Corp. Ltd., and Managing Director, Uttar Gujarat Vij Co. Ltd., emphasized Gujarat’s leadership in EV deployment, “Our EV rollout has grown substantially, starting with 10,000 vehicles in 2021 and reaching 88,000 by 2024. We have established 476 public charging stations, collaborating with power corporations and distribution companies to expand essential charging infrastructure.”

Dr. Sapna Poti, Director, Strategic Alliances, Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser, Government of India, highlighted the potential environmental benefits, “Manufacturing approximately 9 crore EVs could potentially save around 28 million metric tons of CO2. Leveraging our industries, markets, startups, and AI & ML expertise is crucial to capitalizing on our strengths.”

Abhijeet Sinha, National Program Director – Ease Of Doing Business; Project Director – National Highways for Electric Vehicles; President – Charge Point Operators Society (CPOs) of India, spoke about the broader impact of the EV revolution, “‘Viksit Bharat’ isn’t just about any specific industry or sector; it’s about its impact on the people. Our target is to achieve a per capita income of US$12000 by 2047, advancing a $2 trillion climate finance initiative.”

Grand Launch of eGov Magazine’s Special EV-Focused Issue: The event also featured the grand launch of the special EV-focused issue of eGov Magazine, providing in-depth insights and analyses on the future of electric mobility in India and beyond.

The event featured several insightful panel discussions, addressing key aspects of the EV landscape such as ‘Government Policies and Incentives Driving EV Adoption: Post FAME-II Initiative & The New EV Policy’; ‘Investment Opportunities and Development Plans for EV & Renewable Energy Sector’; ‘Technological Advancements in Electric Mobility Landscape & Challenges in Indian EV Adoption’ and ‘Emerging Industry Trends in the EV Sector’.

These panels brought together experts and stakeholders to discuss the current state and prospects of the EV industry, sharing valuable insights and strategies to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Elets National EV Excellence Awards: Elets Technomedia, with knowledge partner eGov Magazine, proudly presented the Elets National EV Excellence Awards, celebrating change-makers and recognizing excellence in electric mobility. As India stands on the cusp of an EV revolution, it is crucial to honor those whose visionary leadership and administrative acumen have not only embraced the challenge but also led the charge in shaping an eco-friendly transportation landscape.

With over 50 categories, segmented into Individual Awards, Organizational Awards, Industry-Specific Awards, and many more, the awards honored and recognized exceptional initiatives promoting the Electric Mobility Landscape.

Awardees List:

  • Outstanding EV Logistics Provider: Whizz EV Mobility Private Limited
  • Outstanding EV Leasing and Finance Company: Three Wheels United
  • Leader in EV DoorStep Service and Maintenance: ReadyAssist
  • Electric Vehicle as a Service (eVAAS): OHM E-Logistics
  • Leading Battery Tech Solution Provider: Indygreen Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Leading Electric Golf Cart Manufacturer: Speedways Electric
  • Star EV Fasteners & Components Manufacturer: Precise Fastener
  • Special Recognition: Customized EV Fastener Components: Precise Fastener
  • Leading EV-L5 Manufacturer: Supreme Smart Power Pvt Ltd

The Elets National EV Summit & Awards underscored India’s dedication to achieving its ambitious EV goals, fostering innovation, and establishing itself as a global leader in electric mobility. The collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives discussed at the summit will play a pivotal role in advancing EV adoption and supporting the Global EV30@30 campaign, propelling India towards a sustainable and electrified future.


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