Abhishek Kurdukar, Sales Director, Pluxee India

Organisations are constantly striving to build a culture that extends beyond operational efficiency. This helps nurture an environment where customers and employees are valued for their contributions.

Recognition-forward companies are the future, where the workforce and customers are engaged and happy, leading to long-term loyalty. It’s well-documented that content consumers are inclined to repeat purchases and recommend the business to others, directly impacting revenue. Similarly, satisfied staff are more engaged and productive, hence less likely to leave. This results in reduced employee turnover, increased morale, and better overall business performance. According to a Great Place To Work survey, happy employees are 2.2¹ times more likely to go above and beyond their regular duties.

To foster a culture of appreciation, companies need to strategically design employee and customer reward programs. Tailored rewards and discounts cultivate engagement, loyalty, and lasting impressions in a competitive landscape.

Retain top talent, thus customers
Retaining top talent ensures satisfied customers. A recent survey sheds light on the significance of workforce recognition in retaining top talent. A remarkable 69%² of employees indicated that they would exert extra efforts on the work floor if their contributions were acknowledged. A sense of belonging leads to a 43%³ boost in retention and an 84% increase in estimated tenure or intent to stay. Guided by such discoveries, Gallup⁴ suggests that companies must make recognition a weekly priority. This frequency sets the stage for a balance of appreciation and motivation, encouraging employees to consistently deliver their best.

Investing in effective loyalty programs can significantly impact a business’s consumer retention. Discounts and rewards also help companies acquire new consumers. Businesses must acknowledge that loyal customers are in a relationship with the brand and should not be treated as new acquisitions.

Acknowledge, Appreciate
When businesses acknowledge efforts, they send a clear message that employees matter. This gesture helps people feel valued and heard, leading to enhanced job satisfaction. Similarly, modern consumers expect additional offerings from brands. In a PwC consumer survey, 48%⁵ favour discounts or rebates, which is the most preferred factor compared to other offerings like easy/fast access to products/services.

Thus, achieving the right balance of uniqueness and value is crucial in crafting a flexible loyalty program. By offering tailored rewards and deals, businesses can increase customer satisfaction, leading to the creation of long-term brand ambassadors who can spread the word about their positive experiences to their network.

Rewards & recognition and staff satisfaction
Businesses that stand out in competition adopt approaches that extend beyond the conventional. There’s a need for companies to adopt a culture where employees are appreciated.

Benefits package & discounts
Offering rewards and recognition benefits is an effective strategy for companies to attract, incentivize, and retain high-quality people. Companies that are competing for highly skilled individuals often provide attractive benefits packages. Among the many benefits companies offer, health insurance and paid time off are the top priorities for individuals.

The strategic use of discounts, such as Buy One Get One (BOGO) deals, percentage-offs, and limited-time offers, builds positive relationships. When targeted toward employees, these promotion mechanisms enhance their sense of value, motivating them to strive for excellence.

Digital Gifting
Strategically designed F&B/Meal Benefits or customizable gift cards inspire heightened performance among the workforce. They harness experiences and moments of joy to create a bond between the organisation and employees.

Businesses are evolving to focus on and invest in appreciation – it’s more than a gesture; it’s a strategic initiative. Happy employees mean happy consumers: Appreciation builds success.


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Views expressed by: Abhishek Kurdukar, Sales Director, Pluxee India

About the Author
Abhishek Kurdurkar is currently engaged as the Sales Director at Pluxee India and has over 19 years of corporate experience. He has spearheaded high-performance teams to drive exponential revenue growth across large organisations, including Mastercard, Thomas Cook, SBI Card, and Pluxee India.

Abhishek is an accomplished sales leader with a proven track record of success in building strategic partnerships, implementing effective sales methodologies, and consistently exceeding targets. A champion in Payments, FinTech, and employee experience, Abhishek blends tech passion with sales prowess and product savviness.

An avid reader constantly expanding his knowledge, Abhishek is also a passionate sports fan, fostering a healthy work-life balance.


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