Jasminder Pal Singh

In an era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolutionising industries, Punjab is a beacon of innovation, utilizing AI to catalyze positive changes across various sectors. From addressing citizen concerns to safeguarding agricultural resources and healthcare, visionary AI-powered initiatives are molding a future for Punjab that is more efficient, inclusive, and resilient.

Urban Governance: Reinventing Citizen Engagement Imagine a realm where citizen concerns are met with swift and effective resolutions. Enter the Public Grievance Redressal System (PGRS) 2.0, a groundbreaking endeavor that is making this vision a reality. Powered by AI, PGRS 2.0 adeptly maps grievances to the appropriate departments and officers, offering multilingual support, voice, and text-based grievance recording, and producing analytical insights to enhance decision-making. Phase 1/4, encompassing administrative department-level classification, automatic speech recognition, and support for English, Hindi, and Punjabi, has already been successfully showcased alongside the DGR team.

Agriculture: Empowering Farmers, Safeguarding Harvests The resilient cotton farmers of Punjab face a relentless adversary in the form of the destructive pink bollworm. AI emerges as a stalwart ally in this battle. Let us introduce CottonAce, an advanced pest warning system that provides farmers with timely, precise advice on pest management, optimizes pesticide use, and safeguards precious yields. This groundbreaking solution has already been delivered to the Directorate of Agriculture in Mohali, spearheaded by the Directorate itself, with plans for adoption in the upcoming season.

Healthcare: Confronting Tuberculosis, Preserving Lives In the relentless fight against tuberculosis, early detection and treatment are paramount. Two innovative AI solutions have taken up this challenge: Cough Against TB, a system that screens for TB based on cough sounds, and TB-CLAMP, which predicts the risk of patients discontinuing treatment. Together, they strive to expedite TB detection and improve patient outcomes. Successful training sessions have concluded in Amritsar, Ludhiana, and Patiala for TBCLAMP. Furthermore, WIAI will train all CHOs and NTEP staff in Ropar on January 8th and 9th, 2024, introducing them to the “Cough Against TB” application.

Child Health: Providing Every Child a Strong Foundation Every child deserves a robust foundation in reading. However, many students in Punjab need help with their reading fluency. Introducing an AI-powered solution, the Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) Assessment, empowers educators to pinpoint areas for improvement, ensuring that every child can unlock their full potential.

Neonatal Care: Shielding the Most Vulnerable Neonatal sepsis, a grave bacterial infection, poses a significant threat to newborns. An AI-powered early warning system is currently being developed to combat this peril. This system will scrutinize various data sources to detect early signs of sepsis, enabling timely interventions that can save precious lives.

These remarkable narratives are only the beginning. As AI evolves, its potential to metamorphose lives and industries across Punjab knows no bounds. The unswerving dedication of this team to innovation holds the promise of a future where AI empowers communities, fortifies resilience, and illuminates a brighter path for all in Punjab.

Views expressed by Jasminder Pal Singh, Regional Manager, eGov Foundation


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