JSW Group enters into partnership with ElectricPe for EV charging green ecosystem

JSW Group

The $22 Bn JSW Group has partnered with EV charging platform ElectricPe to beef up its EV charging infrastructure. This partnership has come into effect following the recent green policy introduced by JSW to provide incentives for employees to purchase electric vehicles and provide charging infrastructure within their office and plant premises.

ElectricPe has already enabled the required charging infrastructure at the JSW Mumbai office headquarters, said the company. Further, the company will soon expand its services to JSW offices in Vasind, Dolvi, Vijayanagar, Sholtu, and Jharsuguda, respectively.

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The partnership goes well in fostering EV adoption by JSW employees and ElectricPe’s vision to provide a seamless experience to EV users. Following this partnership, JSW employees get access to 100,000 charging points on ElectricPe’s platform.

The company said, with this partnership, the duo promotes green mobility in the country and supports India’s transition to a net-zero mission by 2070.

JSW Group further aims to ensure faster EV adoption in the country and enable carbon-free mobility for its group employees. The goal is to build ambition among corporate and government bodies to support India’s transition to net zero by 2070.

Commenting on the development, Dilip Pattanayak, President & CHRO, JSW Group said, “JSW Group announced EV Policy is a unique initiative leading to increased adoption of EVs, which will broaden our efforts and enable access to green mobility. The collaboration with ElectricPe will help to create a seamless charging experience for employees across the corporate offices and plant locations as they can now avail quick charging facility of their Electric Vehicles within premises offering an enhanced EV riding experience.”

ElectricPe, on the other hand is a B2C EV charging and demand generation app that offers EV users a one-stop platform to identify, access, and pay for EV charging points to make E-mobility easier. Co-founded by Avinash Sharma and Raghav Rohila in May 2021, the company claims to make access to charging points simple, seamless, and efficient. It said, its next-gen technology helps users discover charging points and identifies the best while facilitating charging in any station across the country. It does this by leveraging a nationwide network of charging points and independent charge point operators.

“Coming on the back of three other partnership announcements, this association marks our first collaboration with a corporate organisation. A forward-thinking company, JSW is the first corporate in India to provide an employee financial policy to promote clean mobility and we are thrilled to be a part of this. We believe this alliance will help improve the utilisation of our network and ensure we reach our goal of enabling one lakh charging points in the country by the end of this year,” said Avinash Sharma, Cofounder & CEO, ElectricPe.

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In line with its commitment, the flagship company JSW Steel Ltd has adopted a specific climate change policy and set an ambitious CO2 emission reduction target of 42% reduction over the base year of 2005 by 2030 (to a level 1.95tCO2/tcs).

According to JSW, in India, JSW Steel is operating a Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) of 100TPD capacity where the captured and refined CO2 is used in the beverage industry.

Further, with a culturally diverse workforce spread across India, the USA, Europe, and Africa, JSW Group directly employs nearly 40,000 people.