Tech Mahindra Joining Hands into Building a ‘Smarter Kanpur’

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Tech Mahindra Joining Hands into Building a ‘Smarter Kanpur’

IT majors like Tech Mahindra are playing major roles in the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in the government initiatives. Elets News Network (ENN) brings to you the various roles taken by Tech Mahindra to fulfill the plans of Kanpur Smart City Limited in IT and ICT fields.

IT services company Tech Mahindra is betting big on government and private enterprises, winning major contracts over the past six to eight months. The firm is known to have won projects for three smart cities – Kanpur, Gandhinagar and Jaipur and the company handles Business Process Outsourcing for the Goods and Services Tax and the Aadhaar projects. Puneet Gupta, Senior Vice President India, Tech Mahindra, said that although the India market will grow at eight to nine percent rate, the company will be selective about participating in opportunities.

The government too seems to be benefitting from the laying over hands of Tech Mahindra employees. Ways in which the government is procuring great effects on the economy are as follows:

  1. Improved Governance with the use of ICT based solution
  2. Effective and informed decision making
  3. Improved perception in the eyes of citizens
  4. Revenue generation and elimination spillage of revenue
  5. Access to MIS information for predictive analysis and future planning for citizen centric services, road widening, environment etc.
  6. Increased availability of citizen centric services
  7. Better Security and Emergency Response System
  8. Improved inter departmental coordination such as Police, Health, Nagar Nigam etc.

And to top it all, it is not just the government benefitting from it, but the citizens too have been a party into it. Here are the ways in which the citizens are benefitted.

  1. Online Delivery of Government to Citizen centric services, to improve the service delivery cost and delivery time
  2. Access of High Speed free internet at public places to realise the vision of Digital India
  3. Decongestion of traffic using ITMS solution to save time and cost of citizens
  4. Improve city surveillance by continuous surveillance of critical location, for quick and fast response in case of incident
  5. Decongestion of road using ICT based parking solution i.e. availability of nearby parking, booking of parking slot, online payment etc.
  6. Immediate and Coordinated Emergency response to situations

The Scenario of the City at Stretch

Presently, the road network comprises of 3,885 km length. About 18 bus routes are currently in operation. Average journey speed is 15.6 kmph and average vehicle running speed is 21 kmph. About 37 percent of road lengths of all major and sub-arterial roads have footpaths. In the last three years, road improvement, road widening and road construction works were completed by Kanpur Development Authority with an estimated cost of Rs 31.46 crore.

Alongside, the city generates nearly 919 MT of solid waste. Solid waste collection efficiency has increased up to 80 percent because of increase in solid waste collection machinery. The number of vehicles which are engaged in waste transportation activity have increased from 133 to 189 in last three years. Door-to-door collection service is operational since September 2010. Currently, 81.97 percent of the total households are covered under door-todoor collection service. About 2,550 regular employees are working for solid waste collection, and 1,406 number of employees for cleaning of ghats.

Key features of Smart Parking

  1. Mobile App to help in finding parking space quickly & easily
  2. Finding parking space with clear & simple directions reducing traffic Congestion.
  3. Improved Parking Occupancy leads to increase in collection
  4. Improved user satisfaction by saving time, effort & cost
  5. Less parking search time reduces emission of gases & control pollution
  6. Correct detections of violations & suspicious parking/over duration parking
  7. Availability of data & Analysis for growing need for expansion or more parking slots

It is not just the drafting what puts such big plans into action, the makeover needs to be solidly equipped with technological advancements too. In order to manage out the various differentiating verticals, let’s have a look at the attracting features of each advancement vertical.

Smart City Operations Centre

The operation centre consists of centralised software in order to give alerts/notifications. Alongside the provisions of video conferencing and ambient LED lighting for power saving.

e-CSC (City Portal/Mobile App) and Wi-Fi

The bilingual app and portal have provisions like complaint management system, payroll management, services management etc. Also, in order to promote Digital India and e-Governance, free Wi-Fi hotspots are implemented.

City Surveillance System

It’s a fair point to note that CCTVs are critical for any smart city for monitoring point of interest across the city. Therefore, its planned that CCTVs will be installed across 148 junctions and cameras with built in Facial recognition system.

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