Oracle ERP and EMP Cloud extends AI capabilities utilised by organisations in 112 countries

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Oracle ERP and EMP Cloud

Oracle has extended the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities within Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud. According to the IT major, the latest innovations based on machine learning-based include an expense reporting assistant, project management digital assistant, advanced financial controls and project-driven supply chain management.

More than 6,000 organisations in 112 countries and 23 industries are utilising the technology at Oracle ERP Cloud to provide innovative and securely-featured platform for their organisations.

The organisations will be able to utilise the advantages of the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, digital assistants, natural language processing, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) with Oracle ERP Cloud, This would enable enhanced productivity, reduced costs and improved controls for the organisations.

Rondy Ng, senior vice president, Oracle Applications Development says, “Oracle continues to deliver on the finance innovation promise expected by our customers.”He adds, “Our pervasive AI strategy delivered via continuous product updates ensures rapid adoption with immediate business results. This allows finance and operations teams to stay ahead of the technology curve and retain a competitive advantage.”

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The latest machine learning-based innovations will enable finance and operations teams to spend more time on strategic initiatives. Oracle mentions that this would further help the business grow by increasing efficiency, accuracy and compliance across business processes.

The new innovations include Expense Reporting Assistant, Project Management Digital Assistant, Advanced Financial Controls, Advanced Access Controls and Intelligent Supplier Management. Oracle explains each of the technologies as follows:

Expense Reporting Assistant streamlines expense report processing by automatically creating, classifying and matching expense items. Users can interact with the assistant through voice interface, or by sending receipt images to the assistant via email, SMS, Slack or Microsoft Teams. The assistant uses machine learning to improve the automatic classification of expense items, monitor policy violations and reduce audit risks. 

Project Management Digital Assistant provides project status updates and enables users to update time and task progress using a digital assistant. The digital assistant tracks from the past time entries, project planning data, and the overall context to tailor interactions and smartly capture critical project information.

Advanced Financial Controls provides analysis of transactions, setups, and configurations to automate audits and help prevent financial leakage. The solution uses self-learning algorithms to examine critical configuration changes and transactions against a library of proven rules leveraging built-in algorithms for fuzzy matching, anomaly detection, Benford analysis, clustering etc. This approach uses data science techniques to allow incidents to be directed to analysts for tracking, investigation and closure. 

Advanced Access Controls automates user security analysis using AI techniques to help protect business data from insider threats and fraud. The solution uses graph-based analysis to accurately and reliably assess violations hidden inside complex, recursive and dynamic security configurations. This technique includes a robust library of configurable, best practice data privacy and SOD rules that can continuously monitor users, roles, privileges, setups and transactions. 

In the Intelligent Supplier Management, Oracle DataFox integration enriches supplier profiles with AI-sourced and validated company data to power supplier scoring and categorisation. It uses AI techniques to extract dynamic supplier risk signals from news articles and press releases, which are then combined with DataFox’s company data sources to automatically manage supplier risk, by identifying which suppliers are at risk and recommending alternative suppliers.

Other machine learning driven innovations for Oracle ERP Cloud previously announced include Intelligent Payments, Intelligent Performance Management  and Intelligent Process Automation.

Intelligent Payments enables organisations to reduce costs and build stronger relationships with top suppliers by taking advantage of in-the-moment supplier profile and risk data to generate vendor-specific offers in exchange for early payment of outstanding payables.

Intelligent Performance Management uncovers hard-to-spot data patterns to deliver actionable and contextual insights at the right time, helping improve the quality and business impact of financial and operational decisions.

Intelligent Process Automation enables the automation of labor-intensive tasks and allows organisations to redeploy employees to more strategic and rewarding work.

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