Gyanesh Pandey, Chairman & Managing Director, HSCC (India) Ltd

The Government of Goa is trying its best to build up a world-class hospital facility and we are part of that process, says Gyanesh Pandey, Chairman & Managing Director, HSCC (India) Ltd, in an interaction with Souvik Goswami of Elets News Network (ENN).

What has been the extent of expansion of HSCC (India) Ltd in the recent past and what role has IT has played in it?

We have been expanding our organisation in various areas in the recent years. We started off with the expansion of the maintenance field of the hospitals. Then we went for the expansion of our human resource segment for specialised service areas, like waste management, operation theaters, ICU, etc. Now we are carrying out these specialised activities using state-of-the-art techniques.

The biggest expansion we have done in last three years is in the field of IT. Technology is now an integral part of the overall healthcare project. OPD in AIIMS in New Delhi is an example of this. Entire crowd management is being done there with the help of IT. At present, we are engaged with 25 large hospitals, including the redevelopment project of the Safdarjung Hospital, and in all these projects IT is playing a pivotal role. In Safdarjung Hospital, 1,300 new beds have been added and the Super Specialty and Emergency Blocks run completely on paperless system.

Soon, Radio Information Detection System will be implemented at the Safdarjung Hospital. It means a band will be given to a patient to track his movement. This will help us in tracking any object moving within a hospital. In next six months, this will be implemented. It is going to be replicated in other hospitals also in coming years. We have also proposed to connect AIIMS and Safdarjung Hospital through IT.

That way, we have made effective expansion in the last three-four years and in that expansion, IT has played an important part.

“Effective education and healthcare will be important elements of a smart city. According to me, we should create a (healthcare) system where we can ensure that any symptom in a human body can be recorded in a nearby hospital in a smarter city…”

Shed some light on Biosafety Level Labs, which all are being made by HSCC.

We are also making expansions in the area of Biosafety Level (BSL) Labs. There are four types of BSL labs. BSL-3 Lab which is a highly sophisticated lab deals with known viruses, but BSL-4 Lab deals with unknown viruses, which is the most sophisticated and most dificult to make. The HSCC (India) Ltd is the only organisation in India, which has made BSL-4 Lab in the country. It requires highly specialised technique. We will be making more and more BSL-4 Labs. It required huge investment, too. We are also expanding in terms of specialised manpower.

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Gyanesh Pandey, Chairman & Managing Director, HSCC(India) Ltd

What is your take on the importance of Smart Healthcare for smart cities?

It is very important and I think, IoT is going to play a major role in a smart city ecosystem. Effective education and healthcare will be important elements of a smart city. According to me, we should create a (healthcare) system where we can ensure that any symptom in a human body can be recorded in a nearby hospital in a smarter city…and IoT will be the tool to see this happen. This will be the differentiator between a general healthcare system and a smart healthcare system in smart cities. A smart hospital in a smart city should be ready with complete records of any patient since the moment he/she steps into the hospital. That for me is the true Smart Healthcare System.

What is the significance of Goa for HSCC’s expansion in the coming years?

Goa is an international tourist destination. Many people from the world over visit this place. So, Goa needs more and more world-class hospital facilities. HSCC will be building a super specialty hospital with the help of both Government of India and Government of Goa. The Goa Government is trying its best to build a world-class hospital facility, and we are part of it.

Can you brief us about the HSCC’s international operations?

We have completed projects in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Bhutan. These are the neighboring countries of India, where we are focusing in terms of providing quality healthcare infrastructure. We feel that the hospitals being made in Sri Lanka and Nepal are going to be one of the best that India is providing them through HSCC. We would also like to enter European and the US markets. We will definitely try to design some of Indian healthcare systems, which are not available there, like Yoga centers, Ayush, Homeopathy centers, etc..

As the Chairman & Managing Director of HSCC (India) Ltd, where do you want to see your organisation in the next 10 years?

I want HSCC to build a hospital which is unique in true sense. A hospital equipped with technology that can address the problems of patients the moment they enter the hospital. Apart from that, HSCC should be one of the largest consultants in the world in terms of providing quality delivery. We are working hard to that end. I want to see HSSC as the world’s largest healthcare consultant.


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