HSCC (India) Ltd On Growth Path

Gyanesh Pandey
Chairman & Managing Director,
HSCC (India) Ltd
Gyanesh Pandey
Chairman & Managing Director,
HSCC (India) Ltd

HSCC (India) Limited, a “Mini Ratna” Government of India Enterprise under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, today selects projects which are at least worth Rs. 50 crore and consistently remains engaged in achieving its targets focusing on delivery and quality, says Gyanesh Pandey, Chairman and Managing Director of HSCC (India) Ltd., in an interview with Souvik Goswami of Elets News Network (ENN). Excerpts:

HSCC (India) Ltd. has scripted an inspirational success story for others to emulate, how did it happen?

The credit goes to our entire team’s hard work, sincerity and a focused approach. If you are engaged in something you need to ensure there’s a proper team in place equipped with proper skills. Our team has contributed a lot of efforts and due to tight monitoring at every level of HSCC, we could accomplish our target due to a focused approach. The mantra is worth embracing and can be emulated by any organisation.

As Chairman and Managing Director of HSCC (India) Ltd., what have been your focus areas while working towards expanding the organisation’s horizon?

It was observed that the manpower was being wasted in performing a host of tasks that were actually neither yielding results nor even proving commercially viable for the company.

Despite doing a lot of things, the works were not yielding results anywhere near expected lines. Now I’ve bifurcated the team; one team is expected to take care of existing projects and the other will tackle new projects. Initially, my focus had been on acquiring new work projects and deploying more efficient people. But with time I’ve realised too many small projects do no good in terms of higher returns. Since we can now afford to choose, we choose projects which are at least worth Rs. 50 crore. The challenge is to complete existing projects. We have huge number of projects but they have to be completed within time. We are consistently achieving the targets but workload is also mounting. Presently, our focus is on delivery and quality.

How technology has drafted the framework of overall success of HSCC (India) Ltd.?

We are developing cancer hospitals from 50-bedded to 700-bedded in India. We are developing OPDs to cater to 500 patients to 20,000 patients per day. We are developing 500-bedded mother and child hospitals. HSCC has made enough beds of every kind in India.

Though we are already a world class consultant in health sector, we will try to deliver hospitals in India and in neighbouring countries in next two years.

It is due to technology, we can make a 50-bed hospital conceptual drawings to detailed drawings and to tender drawings. In a way, we can also make 500-bedded hospital because we have modules; for every part of hospitals. So what takes others three months to develop, it takes us just three days to develop in conceptualising.

Of the hardware and software technologies, we are leveraging more hardware technologies in machineries. The work is getting accomplished at a much accelerated pace.

For monitoring, we are using Information Technology and able to supervise projects much more efficiently. Earlier, we were to visit the sites to evaluate or inspect actual things. Now we can monitor them with remote, courtesy IT. We do it regularly and find that the technology is playing a big role in facilitating things for us.

HSCC (India) Ltd. is a renowned Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) in the healthcare segment, how does this organisation play a role in driving the country’s economic growth?

Considering the scale of PSUs’ contribution in terms of market cap, employment, profitability, dividends, or even corporate social responsibility (CSR), one can observe these PSUs are tremendously contributing to the development of country and its citizens.

Not just for profit, PSUs are contributing much more socially than commercially. In case of any natural calamity like earthquake or floods, we rush to that place as per the direction of our ministry and the government. We help victims and then analyse the profitability. So, these PSUs, their employees, their management, they all work dedicatedly towards national development than profit.

What is your vision for HSCC (India) Ltd.?

Having achieved my vision for next five years last year itself, I am thinking in terms of Rs. 5,000 crore. Though we are already a world class consultant in health sector, we will try to deliver hospitals in India and in neighbouring countries in next two years. It’s set to be achieved since in every city we are making hospitals. We are making state of the art hospitals, with state of the art technology. My vision is to ensure anyone visiting a hospital should be able to feel being accorded more importance there instead of fearing of being turned away from the hospital. We can achieve Rs. 5,000 crore profit in next five years. But for that we should have projects worth of Rs. 50,000-60,000 crore. For that we will have to diversify and develop much more in-house things and we have already initiated work towards achieving that goal.