Securing Cloud Infrastructure: ANUBHAV TYAGI

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ANUBHAV TYAGI Senior Solution Specialist - India and SAARC, Gemalto

Data security a major concern

ANUBHAV TYAGI Senior Solution Specialist – India and SAARC, Gemalto

There is a lack of clarity about the security aspect of the Cloud technology. People in general are not sure whether their data would be secure if they adopt the services on Cloud. We have lost over two billion records since 2014. Also, we are spending about USD 80 billion under the head of security spend. So, something different needs to be done if we want that number to be at lower level. Benefits of Cloud are being realised these days. However, all these benefits are driven by sharing, which means that we need to have our information on the Cloud. So, when we talk about sharing, we almost lose control over our data, and that is where security and compliance come into picture. In other words, when we avail services from the Cloud, security and compliance become important.

The security and compliance concerns emerge from a situation where the technology lacks in visibility, control over data, risk of data breach, etc. So, we need to understand how we maintain the ownership and control of our information. Last but not the least, whatever data instances are there in the Cloud, are they secure? If not, how can they be provided the security cover? A major solution being used in most of the data centres is encryption. At Gemalto, we comply with the security policies and we can know the access history of the data. The hardware security module can also be used. If you want to share something and then you want to un-share it, encryption is the key technology.

Easy to create, easier to use

S B SINGH Deputy Director General, National Informatics Centre, Government of India

Most of the communications are happening through Cloud today. If you want to secure your data or any application or your infrastructure, it has to happen at three levels: network, data centre and servers. All applications of the Government of India today are hosted on the Cloud and the public feels safe and secure. NIC has the experience of managing the data. We have been a leader in automation and most of the government services, being offered either through private sector or by NIC, have been hosted in our Cloud only. The Government has come up with an order that no manual records will be maintained. For the past 10-15 years, everything has been hosted on Cloud—from Government’s budget to finance data—and we are not finding any problem in storing data on it. For the Digital India programme, digitisation of the records was done through Cloud sources and it was hosted on the NIC Cloud. It is so easy to create the Cloud environment and even easier to use. It is so very easy to build an application and move the same to some other environment, or to create one’s own environment. NIC is shifting from data centre to Cloud environment, which will take some time. Meghraj came very fast, because we had the expertise. NIC has created an environment and Meghraj is the model for the country, it is the most secure Cloud environment — easy to operate, easy to set up.

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