Assam Police to Link Criminal Tracking Network with Union Ministry of Home Affairs

Assam Police may launch the much-awaited crime and criminal tracking network and systems (CCTNS) project by October. With the CCTNS, 309 police stations across the state are expected to be intra-linked with the Union ministry of home affairs and the National Crime Records Bureau.

At least 154 higher offices in the state, including police headquarters, scientific and technical organizations, ballistic and finger print bureaus will also be linked by the project.

The CCTNS is a scheme conceived in the light of Common Integrated Police Application, a mission mode project under ‘National e-Governance Plan’.

The state police are setting up 33 training labs across the state under the scheme. The labs are now training the investigating officers with IT and criminal tracking skills. So far, 2,000 investigating officers have been trained.

Under the project, a policeman sitting in Guwahati can access criminal records, fingerprints and photographs of criminals in any part of the country,” he added.

Already, several police stations have started a pilot testing of the system since June this year.