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Jammu Kasmir Govt

Visitor Management System
Government of Jammu and Kashmir, through IT Department, intends to have a Visitor Management System to keep track of the visitors coming in out of the secretariat premises. The software would be hosted in the State Data Centre and accessible through Intranet. The system should have the capabilities to extend the same over internet and share database.

Features of the proposed Visitor Management System
(i) Registration of visitor through online system along with the photograph
(ii) Generation of a visitor slip which will have the photograph of the visitor along with other details like name, department to be visited etc.
(iii) It should auto-detect the face of the visitors who have already enrolled/ registered.
(iv) It should have the facility to deny entry to visitors who have been black listed.
(v) Should be able to generate various customized reports like Daily visitor report, Department wise visitor report, visitor frequency report etc.
(vi) Should be able to accept images and detect them in case a live match is found. This would be helpful to detect the terrorists and other wanted people by the police/ security agencies.
(vii) The system should be able to detect minor changes in the face like person with beard, moustache, turban; etc should be recognized as the same person.

GAD Cabinet Records Computerisation

General Administration Department (GAD) of Jammu and Kashmir intends to digitize the cabinet records (More than 3,75,000 pages approximately) of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir e-Governance Agency (JaKeGA) will be implementing the project for GAD.

The entire project has been divided into two parts. Part I consists scanning and digitization of cabinet records currently lying with GAD. Part II would consist of providing Client Name with web based Document Management and Retrieval software. Total of 50 concurrent users are likely to use the application software. However, the application should have capabilities of enhancing the user base.

Key objectives of this project are
(i) Scanning and digitizing of cabinet records lying with GAD.
(ii) MIS reports for monitoring Work In Progress of digitization process.
(iii) Scanning and image assisted data entry software for digitization of documents being generated on a daily basis.
(iv) Retrieval and Archival through a web based Document Management System (DMS).
(v) Secure and User Role based access to DMS.
(vi) Audit Trail for Efficient monitoring & control.
(vii) Effective internal information exchange.
(viii) Building a knowledge base.
(ix) Save physical document storage space.

KM Portal
Government of Jammu and Kashmir, through IT Department, intends to have a knowledge management portal wherein all the departments can share content like orders, circulars or other documents like research reports, reference material etc that may be of value to their respective department, to other departments or to general public. Sharing should be restrictive and moderated as publishing unwanted content may lead to embarrassment to one or more departments.
General public shall have a view of public documents without having the need to log into the portal. General public will not be able to add any documents to the portal. Government officials will be allowed to post documents and they will be allowed to classify the documents. Depending upon classification, the document will be available either to the respective department, or to all departments or to general public. It is therefore proposed to have a knowledge management portal wherein user access will be controlled by secure login ID and password. The portal would be hosted in the State Data Centre and accessible through internet as well as Intranet.

Knowledge Management portal shall offer a centralised place to organize the assets and share to all users across office locations. The KM repository shall comprise of Document, Articles, Newsletters, notices, research reports, reference materials etc. Authorized users will create and manage the KM articles. All KM contents will be based on taxonomy (categorization) framework and also will pass through workflow review and approval process.
The final content will be published in the portal. The solution shall manage complete lifecycle of electronic record management system. It will allow users to categorize the repositories and classify the records. The records manager will manage government records from the capture and authoring of documents, to their processing, management, archiving and final disposition. It will support records in any format from source-applications-created as well as human-created electronic record, powerful indexing, searching and disposal capabilities that allow users to quickly archive and retrieve records

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