IT Knocks Singapore Parliament’s Door

NIIT Technologies successfully rolls out an innovative Content Management System for Singapore Parliament

“It is an honour to be chosen by Singapore Parliament to implement a solution that enhances their efficiency. NIIT Technologies has successfully brought this solution tailored specially for them and has taken a step ahead in its journey to bring value to its customer. This implementation strengthens our position as one stop IT solution provider”
Arvind Mehrotra, President, Asia- Pacific, NIIT Technologies Ltd

The use of information and communication technology can help improve representation, transparency, accountability, openness, and effectiveness in the complex parliamentary environment. Realising the potential of IT, Singapore Government has adopted Content management system from NIIT Technologies to modernise parliamentary processes. NIIT Technologies Ltd has implemented an automated Content Management and Delivery system at Singapore Parliament. So the Singapore Parliament has become the first ever in Asia to implement Content Management and Delivery system. The recording system enables the recording and archiving of parliament proceedings. It also brings sophisticated publishing capabilities in-house for Singapore Parliament. It provides useful features at a touch of a button like, fast batch pagination with manual control and produce high quality content under tight timelines.

Before the solution was implemented, the Singapore government used to face the challenge of delays in transcribing the reports. This resulted in missing the KPI deadlines for the reporters. The unstructured formatting of reports lead to extensive reworks and there were many steps to be carried out before the reports were published for various agencies. All these challenges were overcome by the solution provided by NIIT.

Key Benefits of the project

• Enable Hansard publishing to be brought in-house
• Automates production
• Structured Formatting
• Delivers output in PDF, HTML and XML at the touch of a button
• Provides fast batch pagination with manual control
• Outputs in 2, 3 and 4 column format
• Automates production of printed and electronic tables of contents and indexes
• Collates content to produce bound volumes
• Streamlines production ensures publication with tight timescales
• Provide better quality source content to 3rd parties

One of Parliament Secretariat’s corporate objectives is to provide accessibility to the transcribed official proceedings in Parliament. The verbatim reports are recorded by a team of Official Reports Department (ORD) officers and published as the official record of proceedings known as the Singapore Parliament Reports (SPRs) or “Hansard”.

Scope of work

One of Parliament Secretariat’s corporate objectives is to provide accessibility to the transcribed official proceedings in Parliament. To facilitate easy access and search features to Singapore Parliament Reports (SPRs) and other reports by MPs, the Secretariat, Government agencies, the legal community and members of the public.

The System support the SPRs production processes – report preparation, capturing, editing, formatting, and generation of indexes for the Bound Volume of Official Reports to retrieval of reports by the public, MPs, Secretariat, Government agencies and LawNet users. To better manage the transcription of reports of Parliament Sittings with faster turnaround.

The System captures the SPRs and its appendices from 1955 till to-date, the Standing Orders, Select Committee Reports and vernacular speeches, and provides a good search engine to accurately zoom in to the relevant text or passages of text.