Workshop to improve the use of agri technology, the ATMA way

A workshop on Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) programme was conducted for the people’s representatives of all the 28 gram panchayats in at Malur, Karnataka.
The agency which focuses on agricultural technology, aims to inform people about new technologies in agriculture.

The scheme, is said to have been implemented on an experimental basis in 28 districts throughout the nation. However, it was successfully implemented in all the districts in 2008-09 following its overwhelming success. This would help in encouraging new technological assistance to agriculture.

Earlier, the programme was inaugurated by Taluk Panchayat President K Gopalgowda. Agriculture Department Assistant Director Rangaswamy and others were present.

ATMA is a society of key stakeholders involved in agricultural activities for sustainable agriculture development in the district. It is a focal point for integrating research and extension activities.

It is a registered society responsible for technology dissemination at the district level. As a society, it would be able to receive and expand funds, entering into contracts and agreements and maintaining revolving accounts that can be used to collect fees and thereby recovering operating cost.

The ATMA at district level would be increasingly responsible for all technology dissemination activities at the district level. It would have linkage with all the line departments, research organization, non-governmental organizations and agencies associated with agricultural development in the district.

Research and Extension units with in the project district such as zonal research stations or substations, Krishi Vignan Kendra and the key line departments of agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture and Fisheries, Forestry etc.  would become constituent members of ATMA.  Each research-extension unit would retain its institutional identity and affiliation but programme and procedures concerning district-wise research-extension activities would be determined by the ATMA Governing Board.