Building Nation Through e-Governance

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Our partnership with government agencies has helped achieve significant gains in different domains

By Sambit Sinha,
Head- Defense and Central Government Business, WIPROe-Governance is a tool for ensuring good governance. It is a form of e-business in governance and refers to processes and structures needed to deliver electronic services to the citizens. Efficiency, transparency, accountability, effectiveness, speed and accuracy are some of the salient features of e-Governance.Here are some projects implemented in partnership with the government which have  enabled e-Governance in the country.

G2B/G2C – Travel & Transportation Domain

Indian railways is one of the world’s largest networks. In 2005, we were asked  to automate the movement of the rolling stock spread across 74 Control Offices  for a better planningand decision making environment across 7000 railway    stations, covering 104,000 km of route and handling 17m passengers every day.

It took us four years to implement our charter which was to automate the  Manual Recording System that was over 150 years old, having been  implemented at the time of introduction of the railways in India.

Increase in revenue, improvement in punctuality and better management of  freight operations have been the major gains of this project. The Railways can  now understand how to better utilize the inventory and rolling stock, and can  also plan to improve punctuality of trains. Today you can track trains in real  time online. This is made possible by accessing data from our application.

Converting operations from a manual to a computerised mode was a big  challenge, particularly in the smaller towns and villages where familiarity with computers is not as common as in our metros.

G2C – Policing Domain

we are implementing a Crime and Criminal Tracking System which will give  seamless access to data pertaining to criminals and crimes across the country.  Here again the challenge is to integrate 14000 regional nodes and 6000 head  police station. Integrating diverse system, migration of historical data,  handling multilingual records etc., are some of the major challenges in this  project.

The benefits from this project would be significant in terms of seamless flow of information across police stations across the country and we see this  impacting lives of citizens in a very significant manner.

G2G – Insurance Domain

We have implemented an ERP Solution for implementing a Health Insurance  Scheme for more than 10m Govt Employees across  2200 locations across India through notified health centres numbering over 1500.Multi-department engagement, integration of diverse systems across 150 Hospitals and 1400 dispensaries, multi-department engagement and handling the huge volume of data are some of the key challenges we faced in the project.

This solution would  have significant benefits for govt employees. The beneficiary can avail of medical facilities from any centre; the processing of claims related to medical  expenses have been expedited significantly; the system has eased coordination  across 1500 plus Health Centers as manually-created records have now been replaced by electronic databases. Easy availability of data will also have  significant positive impact on the quality of decision-making.

G2C – Patient Care in Hospitals

In Delhi today, all MCD hospitals run our application. Right from patient  registration to discharge, the entire process has been automated. One of the  largest municipalities in the world, MCD offers free medical services to all  residents of Delhi. A resident can today walk into any MCD hospital, give his  pathology sample and view the report online in the evening. Such facilities were  earlier available in private hospitals but to see such facilities in government hospitals is really good.

Integrated online electronic medical  records; effective utilization of hospital resources; better control on inventory;  integration of online Electronic Medical Records and easy generation of  statutory and operational reports have been some of the major benefits of the  project.


In a disparate IT landscape, project delays were significant. Business process  change manangement is another significant challenge, as is capacity building and building acceptance for new systems. Creating a Standard Financial Model for egovernance projects, Business Process Change Management and handling  nternal politics that hinder progress ane other important challenges any  governance project faces.

So far we have seen more penetration of ICT in the  urban sector, but we believe going forward, we believe the rural sector would  be a major beneficiary. Green computing, service delivery over the UID  framework and Social Computing would be major drivers of egovernance initiatives in the coming times.

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