Ghana Govt in for Biometric Registration

Ghana Government has pledged its commitment to the Electoral Commission (EC) in its bid to introduce biometric technology to promote e-voting in the country. The Minister for Communications, Haruna Iddrisu, announcing government's intention to support the EC, said the exercise could cost over $80 million.

Since Ghana's return to constitutional rule in 1993, the country has faced challenges such as bloated electoral register, impersonation of voters, stuffing and stealing of ballot boxes, dub ballot papers, among others.

In some instances, these problems have resulted in violence and intimidation of voters, while prospective voters have been disenfranchised because they are not able to move to regions at the specific times that the EC undertakes its registration exercise.

Supporting the biometric voter registration and e-voting proposal, Mr. Iddrisu said government was committed to enhancing the integrity of elections in Ghana.

Since the EC announced its decision to use biometric technology early January 2011, many Ghanaians, especially politicians, have hailed the initiative, stating that the introduction of electronic voting in Ghana was both feasible and desirable.

With the biometric voters' register, it is also expected that Ghana's electoral system will be less costly, free from errors, delays and fraud that frequently undermine the credibility of results.