After Gujarat, Uttarakhand rolls out e-Mamta

Post Gujarat's inauguration of eMamta project, which aims at monitoring mother-infant health pre and post delivery, Uttarakhand's Health Department has followed suit.
The Health Department of Uttarakhand has finalised the eMamta system of mother and child tracking which mainly aims at ensuring proper and timely vaccination of the pregnant women and new born. This project would use SMS alerts to constantly inform and remind the users of upcoming vaccinations.

The project is being run with the help and support of the National Informatics Centre (NIC) which has provided training to the state and block units. More than1000 pregnant women have already registered themselves under the e-Mamta project in the state and all the block units have been given the user name and passwords for the entry of the names of the women and children in their active database.

The project would be implemented with the help of the ANM and Asha workers in the state as they work at the grassroots level and disseminate health services. The scheme would include registration of the pregnant women and tracking of their health and vaccination of the new born infants.

The mobile numbers would be fed in the database and the users would get the information about the impending vaccinations from time to time. This would ensure that no vaccine is missed and the health and future of the children is not compromised.