ICT can Cut emissions Worth $125 billion

A more pervasive use of ICT can help reduce emissions and fight climate change, according to a research study published by independent non-profit organisations The Climate Group and GeSI (Global e-Sustainability Initiative).

Infact, four major opportunities have been identified by this study where ICT can make further transformational cuts in global emissions. These include smart building design and use, smart logistics, smart electricity grids and smart industrial motor systems. And these identified opportunities can supplement the already well-acknowledged applications in activities such as tele-working, video-conferencing, e-paper and e-commerce.

Amongst them all, Smart grid technologies are the largest opportunity explored in this study, and could globally reduce over two giga tons of CO2 emissions worth nearly $125 billion.

And within India this technology of Smart grid has huge potential. Currently, in India, over 30 per cent of the generated power is lost through aggregated technical commercial losses, the report pointed out that reduction of these losses in India's power sector by 30 per cent is possible, through better monitoring and management of electricity grids, first with smart meters and then through integrating more advanced ICTs into the so-called 'energy internet'.