Digital Divide all Set to Get Narrowed in Kenya

The digital divide in Kenya is all set to get narrowed. This is exactly what the intention of the drive is which has seen the coming up of a model digital village centre in the slums of Korogocho in Nairobi. Born out of the union of KDN (Kenya Data Network) and ICT, this model digital village centre is the first of many lined up to be rolled out in similar such units under Sh 120 million digital villages project. The Korogocho project was set up by the telecommunications network provider who shelled out Sh 300,000 for this purpose.

This centre allows people to apply for jobs online as well as download application forms for various services. The model of Korogocho is to be replicated in other slums as well. The amount expected to be spent on this project is estimated to be Sh 150,000 per site.

The Korobocho centre is run by Altaawon, a community based youth organisation. For the Korobocho project UN supplied the centre with computers where as the Internet connectivity was provided by KDN