Bangladesh government to adopt e-Governance strategy by June, 2008

The Government of Bangladesh will adopt an e-Governance strategy by June 2008 to change the work practice of of bureaucrats and enable them to serve citizens in a more effective way.

The Ministry of Science and Information Technology has assigned Price Waterhouse Coopers to draft the e-Governance strategy, which is expected to modernise the functions of the state machinery. The government offices will still run on the traditional mode and the strategy aims to stimulate the use of more technology in offices. The strategy aims to augment the interface between the bureaucracy and the people, as the majority of officials are not skilled enough to handle the information technology properly. The formulation of the strategy is part of the government's broader goal of establishing e-Governance in all ministries and government agencies in a bid to reduce corruption. Bangladesh has a plan to expand such a system even at the sub-district level.