NADRA develops e-Toll system to ease traffic congestion

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has developed e-Toll system to ease movement of vehicles and full proof accounting of vehicles in Pakistan.

The system basically consists of a re-usable electronic-tag which is attached to the windscreen of vehicles with a prepaid toll amount issued through e-Tag issuance booths placed just before entry to the motorway. Later on such booths would be established at different convenient locations and pre-pay facility for e-Tags will subsequently be through cheques, credit cards and kiosks. When vehicles with e-Tags will enter into the toll-lane, a reader will capture details of the vehicle from e-Tag. At the time of exit from the motorway the vehicle will again drive through the designated toll lane and during this process, a reader will read the vehicle's identity and the system will automatically deduct the applicable toll from the pre-paid amount. An LCD sign would inform the driver about the amount of tax deducted from his account. In collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and the National Highways Authority (NHA), NADRA is offering the system at Peshawar, Islamabad and Lahore toll plazas. A post-paid system will also be introduced for frequent users and fleet owners. Monthly billing for these will include registration number of vehicle, date/time of entry/exit record and toll charged.