US Justice Department wants two-tier Internet

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The US Justice Department wants that Internet service providers should be allowed to charge for priority traffic. The Justice Department has said that it was opposed to “network neutrality”, the idea that all data on the net is treated equally.

The views of the US Justice Department is at odds with companies such as Microsoft and Google, who have called for legislation to guarantee equal access to the Net. The agency has submitted its comments to the Federal Communications Commission, which is investigating net access. Several US Internet service providers (ISPs), such as AT&T and Verizon, have said that they want to charge some users more money for certain content. The Justice Department has said that imposing net neutrality regulations could hinder development of the Internet and prevent ISPs from upgrading networks. Advocates of net neutrality argue that a two-tier Internet would allow broadband providers to become gatekeepers to the web's content. There is a fear that institutions like universities and charities would suffer due to Justice Department's decision.


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