Now, Filipino farmers are easily accessing Internet for the growth of their agriculture. Farmers are freely using the Department of Agriculture's Open Academy for Philippine Agriculture.

There are the existence of Mobile Internet Bus, which is used to deliver online services, and Farmers' Information and Technology Services Centers. Just last month, 17 agricultural extension workers and farmers graduated from the one-and-a-half month online training course on Minus-One-Element Technique (MOET), an easy way to diagnose nutrients deficiency in the soil. The Philippine Rice Research Institute has implemented the Open Academy for Philippine Agriculture Program. Opapa is a network of government institutions that provide education, training, and communication in agriculture using ICTs. Unlike the traditional training program, the e-learning project uses both conventional and electronic media like online modules, forums and chats, instant messaging, and field practicals to teach farmers. The e-learning modules served as learning materials, with guide questions posted on the site for students to answer. The online forum allows students to leave questions for the expert to answer at any given time. The Opapa Advisory Council had already recommended that this system should be used as the common e-learning platform not only for rice but also for other crops. The Department of Agriculture (DA) plans to put up electronic kiosks and create an e-portal system to connect various computer centers, which would be set up around the country.


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