Launch of e-Governance project in Chennai

Chennai (India) would be joining the elite group of 17 centres with the recently launched India's largest e-Governance initiative by the Ministry of Company Affairs and a Mission Mode project under the Government of India's National e-Governance plan in Tamil Nadu.


MCA 21 has already been successfully implemented, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad. Launching the landmark project in Chennai, Union Communications and IT Minister, Dayanidhi Maran said that the MCA-21 project was the largest full-scale deployment of Information Technology in the Government of India, in the shortest possible time frame and would revolutionise the way India Inc., interfaces with the Government. Maran said the initiative has been adopted as a 'thrust area' project for the Government of India. The Minister said that the program incorporated 27 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) and 8 support components to be implemented at the Central, State and Local Government levels. Maran also informed of the establishment of a State Wide Area Network across India at a cost of Rs 3344 crore and the proposal to set-up 100, 000 Common Services Centres that would extend reach of electronic services, both government and private to the village level. The program is designed to 'facilitate' the delivery of services while ensuring 'compliance' at the same time.