India: Orissa unveils blueprint for e-Governance

The blueprint unveiled by the State Government of Orissa, India, recently envisages complete computerisation of issue and renewal of permit, registration and driving license to all vehicles owners.


If everything proceeds on schedule, the e-Governance blueprint will bring sea changes in the transport sector. Now, there is no facility for receiving applications from vehicle owners electronically. However, processing of applications and issue of permit and registration have been partially computerised under project Vaahan implemented by the Transport Department. Similarly, issue of driving licence has also been partially computerised at some places through project Saarthi. In the first phase, computers would be provided to all regional transport officers (RTOs) and departmental intranet would be extended to all districts. All check gates in the State would be provided computers in the second phase of the programme. Selected field officers of the enforcement wing would be provided with hand-held devices in the third phase to verify the details of the vehicles. Old driving licenses would also be replaced with smart card driving licenses.