E-stamping will help increase revenue

MUMBAI: The state revenue department is creating a new central agency to implement the scheme of making available revenue stamps through the internet. This is the first step towards a e-stamping and e-registration system.


On e-registration of documents, a revenue department official said that at the moment, 40 lakh documents are registered every year. Thus, for registration of these documents, more than 50 to 60 lakh people visit the stamp office.


“We are working out a new plan. A comprehensive back office will be set up for the purpose. Documents will be collected from home and then delivered after registration formalities are completed,” the official added.


The basic purpose of the entire exercise is to ensure that fewer people visit the stamp office and at the same time get better service.


“We are sure if both schemes are implemented, the existing revenue of Rs 5,000 crore will increase at least by Rs 1,000 crore,” the official said.


In addition, all nationalised and scheduled banks are being requested to register documents so that the burden on the revenue department is reduced.


So far, the revenue department has had four meetings with nominees of banks, but most of them have expressed their inability to take up the new work.


“At the moment, they have refused, but now we have requested them to register at least those documents which are executed by them. We are sure they will accept our proposal,” the official added.